Friday, July 08, 2005

Stormy Weather

I didn't blog all last week because I was in a sort of reprieve state. Living here is like being perpetually attached to a horizontal bungee cord: it feels like freedom until you're jerked back to reality. Anyway, there was also the Soccer Confederation Cup so relative peace and quiet. Relative meaning fewer kidnappings, killings etc. On the surface, of course.

But this week, hurricane season has officially started. It's always launched with the advent of summer but you know you're in it when the first storms hit. Dearest Dennis has swept by us, bringing rain, choppy seas and strong winds. The southern peninsula is probably a muddy mess as I write this, I haven't heard the news yet. In fact, I try not to read the news. I skim the headlines of the office paper and rely on my father for the analysis. He's really good at it.

Besides the weather, the other big news is the death of Dread Wilmé, one of the gang leaders behind the local chaos. He was shot during a UN troops-led operation in his stronghold. They nicked his femoral artery, bye bye Willie!!!! Of course, his followers/gang members have sworn revenge.

Is this good or bad news? I can't tell yet. On one hand, the USA has refused to send troops of Marines (the usual solution) to help the UN, despite Mr Annan's plea. So it's up to those mostly Brazilian soldiers of peace to clean up the cage. On the other, they have started cleaning since a number of prominent rats are now dead.

So, I'll do what I always do: wait and see.