Thursday, June 09, 2005

Mehr Licht!

I was thinking of how I would write this post and the worst thing happened...I woke up to electricity! Of all the rotten luck in the world. Here I was, about to complain, and whine, and bemoan the fact that I hadn't seen a spark of electricity since midnight last Sunday.

Worse, this sad state of affairs would have been the perfect excuse to insult those thugs who run our lives here in the Capital. Rumor has it that the severe power outages are due to the fact that the mazout that the turbines run on can't get delivered because the electrical company has to cross a really hot neighborhood.

Well, can't do any of that now. My mother told me the electricity came on around 10 pm last night and I left for work at 7h40 am this morning and IT WAS STILL ON!!!!!

I'm getting really suspicious. They're not planning on giving it [gasp] every day!?!?!

I can't bare the thought...

Monday, June 06, 2005

Homecoming Fiesta!

I was on vacation abroad and came home last Tuesday. It had been a pleasant trip, away from the madness that passes as my life here. But (yes, it was coming), at the airport, I met with an older couple I know. Turns out, a very dear friend of mine got robbed at gun point in the middle of the night during my trip. My enthousiasm at going home started to wan. I got on the plane feeling a little low.

As I was being driven home, my father called on the cell phone. "They" were burning down a major downtown market and, as usual, shooting up the streets. I knew then that my vacation was truly over.

But (here's another one) I hadn't heard it all. Oh, no! I went to lunch last Saturday with another friend. And she started telling me about her insomnia. And things that had happened in the month I wasn't there. About the robberies, the shootings. And about this young woman who was kidnapped. And rapped by her four abductors. And about her suicide the day after her return home (against $5000 US, all they could afford). She hadn't told her husband a word about her detention. Would he really want to know?

I went home that afternoon and cried. And didn't leave the house againthat week-end.

Ignorance is bliss, said the song. I wish I were so blessed...