Sunday, December 31, 2006

And that's a wrap!

So 2006 has finally (FINALLY!!!!!) reached it's last day. Happy new year everybody else. I can only hope the same will be true for us here but there's no guarantee. L'espoir fait vivre...

I decided to make 5 New Year's Resolution but also (stole this somewhere) 5 New Year's Indulgences because I need some fun in my life (in case you hadn't noticed, not much of that in 06). So here we go:

5 Resolutions for 2007:
1- Eat more balanced meals (like have a real breakfast)
2- Get to work on time or die trying (what can I say, love my bed and my books)
3- Go dancing (or try to. I just realized I love dancing. Who knew!?!)
4- Exercise something other than my brain (that one's going to be tough. See 2)
5- Write the damn book, already! (No comment)

and now the best part, 5 Indulgences for 2007:

1- Eat more chocolate (it's good for the brain and for fighting headaches but who really cares?)
2- Music, music, music (even if it's unhip stuff like Fado or jazz)
3- Makeup is fun! And so is jewelry! (hey, it's a twofer!!!)
4- Mani/pedis are good for the soul (I'm positive that's true)
5- Celebrate the big 3-0 every chance I get (like, every month)

Let's see if a year from now, I' ve kept up more with the Resolutions or the Indulgences...