Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Hello, Is It Me You're Looking For?

So you clicked and nothing had happened in months. Where was I, you ask? The imp in me wants to say "Guess where?". Or the drama queen would say "I was hiding from the world" and toss her head tragically. Or better yet, the mysterious seductress (believe it or not, I have an inner femme fatale, I swear!) would murmur "Depends on where you were looking" and smile suggestively.

It's none of that. Reality, so prosaic sometimes I could cry, is that I just didn't feel like it. You see, once the excitement of the elections died, there was nothing to do but dodge kidnappers and weep over you food bill.

I did both, religiously. And then the summer vacation came and the city died. The streets were empty, except for those lucky few who have jobs and have to drag themselves everyday to work, no matter what. This is what I did for weeks and weeks.

Then school opened again...except, the streets were still empty. Where were the kids? The first day of school, I saw a total of 4 kids. On a street were there are dozens of schools of all kinds, it was rather shocking, to say the least.

Even that is past, parents must have found the money to send their kids. This is the no 3 priority for my fellow denizens, right after food and lodging, I think.

I do have one other good excuse for not writing, the usual one : Technical Difficulties. My phone has been working, or not, throughout the summer. In fact, last weekend, it didn't work for 24h, between two rain showers. I didn't realize I had an hydraulic phone myself until this happened!!! For some reason, at work was no better. So any little bit of inspiration I managed, died at the sight of Cannot find server!

My morale is as it always is: high for 5 mn, low the rest of the time, like everyone else around me. I don't believe people who say they are not scared or depressed or worried. How can you not be when OP (alleged popular organizations, whatever that means) are threatening "Operation Baghdad 2". Sounds like a b movie, right? Make that a b horror movie.

It started yesterday. They say that kidnappings will return to their 30+/day regimen, with assorted crimes and/or violent acts if the Gvt doesn't give them back the fake jobs they had under The Ex. And Rinse Repeat said yes, that whore! He's promised them 25,000 jobs in the public service.

Still, no matter how upset I am over this, I hope he keeps his promises because they're already burning tires and blocking the streets.

And so my stress rises. And I have no solution to this. Tomorrow and Wednesday are hollidays and I'm going to the beach. Yay!

But (you could feel it, right?) I'm sooo scared. Scared to leave my house empty for so many days. Scared to take the roads. Scared to sleepover outside of the city. But mostly scared to come back!!!

On the other hand, I do need a tan...