Thursday, June 02, 2005

Everything about (almost) Everything

So I've succumbed to the madness. I'm weak that way. But the truth is simple : I don't know when to shut up. Nobody believes me when I say that as a child, I was so quiet, my mother used to come into my room at random times just to make sure I was still on earth. Boy, have things changed!

The internet has changed my life. Now that I've bored my entire family with my rants, raves and impetuous declarations, I'm going worldwide. I'll tell you everything. What I think of my next election, how to recognize a ripe avocado, what the neigh-boor [pun intended] is doing. You've been warned...

1 comment:

Rosario said...

At long last!!! I've been regularly checking variations of spelling of 3rdworldgirl since you mentioned you were going to start this! Shall I link to you from my blog or do you prefer to keep it private?