Friday, June 01, 2007

Flip it and reverse it

Let's try something different today. Instead of my version of the story, why don't I let you see a different perspective.

People, meet Celine. I promised to blogroll her months ago and shamelessly forgot. So I'm showcasing her. Please visit her blog,

A Bee Bumbling Around

I've met her in person but I have to say, reading her blog has been very eye-opening. Experiencing this country from someone else perspective has done me some good.

I couldn't stop there so I tried to find you guys other blogs written from Haiti about Haiti. It wasn't easy. Most of the blogs I found were by UN or NGO workers. Here's what I found so far:

Martin Baran's Fotoblog (check his sidebar for more pix)

Yon Ayisyen (hasn't been updated but whatever)

From Haïti (MINUSTAH guy, in spanish, his sidebar is worth a look)

Haïti chez Guy (this one is in cache but I found it interesting)

Circles of Change (this is an NGO guy, more of an announcement blog, don't know the thing)

Ben Terrall (outdated but another poor misguided activist...IMO)

Haïti Recto Verso (not sure if it's an NGO or what but check it out anyway)

Kiskeyàcity (A Woman! Check out her archives, she did something on Haitian bloggers. And, she knows about me. I'm thrilled!)

You might notice that most are foreigners, and most of the foreigners are outside of PaP. Still can't find an active, 100% haitiano-haitian blog but still looking. I was also surprised by the number of blogs (mostly political or activist) that talk about us. Usually with an agenda to push but still...I always feel like, when things are bad here (or even when they're not) that nobody but our diaspora cares out there. I like to think that their are many Afghan, Iraqi, or whatever suffering national who must feel like that too.

Feel free to browse around what I found for you. Blogroll, aggregate (I'm a GReader addict myself!) and I shall do the same...eventually.

Inner musings :

Somebody tell me I'm not the only lazy (female) blogger on this island, please!!!!


Anonymous said...

Juste parce que c'est un ancien camarade d'uni mais aussi parce que sa perspective est differente, je t'envoi ce lien.

yon ayisyen said...

Bonjour La Karibane,

Je viens de lire ton commentaire sur mon blog. Merci, j'apprecie beaucoup.

Je fut etonne car j'avais decouvert ton blog quelques semaines plus tot.

C'est tres bien que tu aies choisi l'Anglais car cela permet a plus de monde d'etre touche par ton message.

Alors je ne peux que t'encourager a toujours garder bien haut le flambeau(!), celui de la fierte haitienne sur Internet. Et je t'invite a ajouter la liste de tes pages d'archive dans ton "sidebar" ce qui me permettrais de retrouver plus facilement tes premiers "posts" (qu'est-ce que tu en dis?).

Quand je pense que tu as commence en Juin 2005, quelques jours seulement apres moi.

Yon Ayisyen