Thursday, June 21, 2007

The Heat is On

Today is the official first day of Summer.

The typical reaction here to this announcement is a very bored : "So What?"

How else to react when you've been feeling the heat for weeks now. I personally don't walk into my house after a long day at work.

No, instead, I swim through a room-full of hot air. Sauna hot. Iron forge hot. The skies are overcast and gray but there's no rain. Or if it does rain, it's not long enough to cool us off. It's the hurricanes-in-the-making, obviously, but what does that knowledge do for me? Nothing!!!

It's also amazing how difficult living out of the range of a fan has become. Brushing your hair, coming your teeth, getting dressed, eating, sleeping: if it can be done with a fan on, you do it. And you're always sure to stay in range of the wind. Wouldn't want to drip sweat all over the floor, now, would you?

Don't have a fan? Must be that you are either a fish in the sea (the problem is then moot) or you're rich enough to have AC. If that's the case, get out of my face (sometimes resentment rimes!)

If, like me, you had the misfortune of your aged, trustworthy and faithfull fan dying, buck up. It's going to cost you a sweet 1,500 gdes ($41 US, give or take) to get a standing fan. Almost makes the heat seem nice.

But what worries me the most is the fact that our electricity regimen is usually linked to sporting events (like the Gold Cup, World Cup or Olympics) or political doings.

Are we going to fry alive with none of those things to stimulate the Electrical Company's output of energy?

Looks like it.

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